Responsible for what?

I like many have grappled with the notion of being responsible for where I am in my life or who I am in any particular situation. I have been amused by the abstract concept that if I happened to be walking below a high rise building and a sheet of glass fell from the building… Read More »

You Are Courageous Already!

From time to time I hear people say something like “I’m not courageous” or “I’m afraid” and so I’m reminded of the phrase that “Courage is the action taken in the presence of fear”.  From the inside looking out I can say that just about everyone else looks more courageous than myself and there are… Read More »

The Challenge of Being Nobody

In recent times I have experienced being stopped in my transformation and intentions to contribute as a responsible human being, trainer and coach. I stumbled across this quote that resonates and seemingly points to the source of my experience.  It is neither true or false and it is an interpretation that unveils my inauthenticity of… Read More »

Coffee Date in 60 Minutes!

I spent 60 minutes with Alan to write my profile on an online dating site.   Within 15 minutes of posting and with additional tweaks, I’ve organised what appears to be my first ideal coffee date! Alan’s guidance and expertise is worth every cent! Maureen.        March 2017 Contact Alan?

Success Moment by Moment

I posted on Twitter and Facebook with this photo: “My Definition of Success! BBQ on back veranda, with my gorgeous wife, of a house the market said we couldn’t have!” I married Donna 2 years ago  and we purchased our house about 17 months ago (Oct 2016), in the Sydney market with the bare minimum,… Read More »

Personal Touch

I have been coached by Alan and have found him very good at looking at what is needed and working on that. He has had a great impact on my self confidence. I now have a business I know that I can make a great go at and have success due to Alan. I have… Read More »

Why I declined a A$4000 Study Scholarship?

Do you find yourself stuck and not getting closer to fulfilling your intention?  That’s pretty much how it goes for me! When it comes to getting something done, I’m always working on something else! In fact, as I write this short article, there is something else for me to work on! Consider, there is always… Read More »

Kick Your “Buts”

It’s not what you think! I’m not advocating kicking “butts”, kicking your own butt or anyone’s butt! I’m talking about a very common language violation. I’ve heard many people say “Don’t use the word “but” because when you use the word “but”, it negates everything that came before it!”.   You know what I’m talking about right? They say, “You did… Read More »