Using Pomodoro’s – 25 Minutes to Post

By | April 30, 2016

unnamedI read an article by Chris Winfield posted in Medium Daily Digest – “How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7“.  His article Chris examines the use of Pomodoro’s and refers to a 2006 paper written by its creator, Francesco Cirilio, which explained the technique and the psychology behind it.
The Pomodoro Principles:

  1. Work with time, not against it,
  2. Eliminate burnout,
  3. Manage distractions and
  4. Create a better work/life balance.

As I’m interested in performance and always looking for an edge, I don’t take too much convincing to try something out.  I now have BeFocused Pro on my iPhone and I’m working in a 25 minute window to pump out this post.  God knows, I’ve wanted to post something in my site for months.  OK, a year!

12 minutes 36 seconds remaining until a 5 minute break.  Woo hoo!   Get this out and that’s two Pomodoro’s this afternoon.  I can relax now, 11 minutes to go.

Well, here’s an example of a successful application of a Pomodoro! 
Got to go… 9 minutes to Publish and Push.     Cheers, Alan.