Our House – Our Invention

By | July 21, 2016

imageWhat a superb house. We love this house! It’s been a year since we exchanged contracts.

Donna has her grandchildren visit, I have my office on the end. ❤️

It is deceptively understated and delivers on all of our needs. We imagined it, we made one last visit to an open house on a long day, after almost giving it away, we enrolled the agent, pushed through our money constraints and nailed it. You could say we ‘created it’. Don’t tell us you can’t create what you want.  We did and we keep doing it. Oh how we love this house!!

How do you do this? How do you go from nothing to having something you wanted in the face of circumstances that suggest you can’t?

Start by envisaging, creating a goal, exploring, testing and taking action!

What do you need to take on or let go of, to have your creations manifest?  What’s in your way?

If it serves your intentions contact me and we can discuss.