Greater Clarity and Empowered

By | July 16, 2016

I came to Alan’s coaching as I felt a need to break through something in myself that seemed to be blocking my way. I had goals but would sabotage myself to progress them.

Alan gave me the tools to see myself with greater clarity. He enabled me to visualise my goals as a solid intention. I learned to drive my vision via incremental steps and give myself recognition for these increments instead of beating myself up because I wasn’t at some dreamed of target. I have learned to reflect on my resistance and reactions to circumstances and situations to move from being at the “effect” (victim of circumstance) to focus on using situations to cause change within myself i.e. not attaching to the negativity and taking responsibility for my actions. I feel empowered now. I am far from perfect in applying this approach but I have the tools and ability to reflect when I feel my internal resistance coming into play. I notice my sabotaging now and can refocus on my purpose and seek to achieve my goals through incremental steps.

I would recommend others to consider Alan’s coaching to assist them in achieve their life purpose whatever that maybe.

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