There Every Step of The Way

By | July 16, 2016

My name is Zac. I decided to give success coaching a shot in early 2016 as I heard it had helped one of my close colleagues both personally and professionally.

Being employed in real estate sales, my job is heavily dependent on my ability to produce results. I’ve worked with Alan for just over 6 months now, and my results have since skyrocketed! I’ve smashed almost every personal best I held before working with Alan and have now set new targets that would have terrified me 6 months ago. In addition to my business goals, I’ve also fast-tracked many of my personal goals to their fulfilment long before I thought possible.

I no doubt owe much of my recent success to Alan’s teaching, knowledge, patience and caring guidance. He’s there every step of the way, whether it’s the occasional motivating text message or the face-to-face debrief that lets you get everything off your plate. I can honestly say every time I met with Alan I would leave a changed person for the better, filled with new ideas and optimism. Your goals become his goals, your ambitions become his ambitions, and your successes become his successes.

Alan has changed my life in such a short time, and I’m certain he’ll change yours too! I encourage you to take that brave step towards success just as I did, and book your first session. I look forward to continuing to work with Alan well into the future.


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