Why I declined a A$4000 Study Scholarship?

By | November 8, 2016


Do you find yourself stuck and not getting closer to fulfilling your intention?  That’s pretty much how it goes for me!

When it comes to getting something done, I’m always working on something else! In fact, as I write this short article, there is something else for me to work on!

Consider, there is always going to be something else to work on. There is an abundance of things to work on!  So one has to become very effective at choosing what to work on, when to work on it and why you would work on it in the first place! Why?

Take this for example, I discover through my daily readings, a program of development that in my assessment would drive me towards the “laser sharp focus” I’ve been seeking.  It really is amazing! After some conversations and considerations, I resolve that I have to let it go. Right now I can’t find A$5800.

Then, I enter a competition they are promoting and win A$4,000 scholarship to complete the program, I only need to find A$1800 to participate.  A bargain, I thought, I could make this work and complete the study in the next 6 months.

I was excited, the “universe” has shown up with the opportunity to complete the program to leave me with more skill and competence in having a “laser sharp focus”.  I love this, I’m a winner and my desire is being met!

Wait a minute!  it was a little longer than a minute, I had to kick this around, align others in my life to this new intention and it wasn’t easy letting go if this, I want it, I have to do it!

Then it came to me, echoes of what many people say to me, more “knowledge and informationwon’t make the difference.  What will make the difference, is acting on what I already know and choosing to focus on my next action to deliver what I set out to.

I was about to start something new, pertaining to a better future and miss the authentic opportunity to have what I want, a “laser sharp focus”.  The “universe” may conspire and I have to choose and act!

I chose a to let the opportunity go –  to focus on what there is to do next!


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