The Challenge of Being Nobody

By | August 19, 2017

In recent times I have experienced being stopped in my transformation and intentions to contribute as a responsible human being, trainer and coach.

I stumbled across this quote that resonates and seemingly points to the source of my experience.  It is neither true or false and it is an interpretation that unveils my inauthenticity of the need to being better.

In What is Enlightenment Andrew Cohen says:

“… The most challenging matter for the seeker of enlightenment is learning what it means to be nobody. Many think they want to be enlightened but actually without realizing it they only aspire to be better people. Better means powerful, wise, compassionate, fearless.

“To be enlightened means that the very centre falls away and we find ourselves standing nowhere in the middle of everything with nothing to hold on to — including power, wisdom, compassion and courage.

“How many women have I seen who claimed they wanted to be free while at the same time tenaciously holding on to the idea of being a saint or a good person, deeply terrified of being nobody?

“How many men have I seen who thought they wanted to be enlightened, but who so obviously had infinitely more interest in power and knowledge than in emptiness?

“It’s not possible to be nobody as long as we insist on being somebody.”

I give up the need to be somebody and as nobody I create the possibility of being enlightened and contributing to other’s freedom, success and joy.

Love and Success, Alan.

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