You Are Courageous Already!

By | August 28, 2017

From time to time I hear people say something like “I’m not courageous” or “I’m afraid” and so I’m reminded of the phrase that “Courage is the action taken in the presence of fear”. 

From the inside looking out I can say that just about everyone else looks more courageous than myself and there are actions that I haven’t taken – stopped by fear!

This changes as soon as you get that you are “Courageous Already”!  You learnt to be courageous from the moment you took your first breath!  Possibly before then!!

Life’s design presents the opportunities for courage moment by moment and when you are  momentarily stopped by fear the next lesson is offered.  I’m not advocating fool hardiness or life threatening risk taking and when the circumstances require, act courageously, remember when you first learnt how and do it again!

I’m 12 years old, my Dad had worked diligently and patiently on restoring a bicycle for my surprise Christmas present.  I took a peek through the back window of the shed and there it was a  freshly painted bright red girls bike!  I was anxious, I didn’t know how I would receive this loving gift.  I swallowed my pride though I’m not sure I hid my concern too well.  A girl’s bike after all!

I’m 61 years old and now I’m thinking it was a master stroke by my father to instill courage.  In the face of the taunts of school bullies I rode that bike to school and home each day.  I can say “I was afraid” and I reflect on this experience and say I am courageous!

If you doubt your courage, take a look, you’ll find you have already learnt to be courageous!

Love and Success, Alan.

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