Responsible for what?

By | April 15, 2018

I like many have grappled with the notion of being responsible for where I am in my life or who I am in any particular situation.

I have been amused by the abstract concept that if I happened to be walking below a high rise building and a sheet of glass fell from the building and killed me outright that I was responsible for that. How could that be?

I now accept that by whatever means and wherever I am in any moment, all of my actions have brought me to that particular point.

I am resolved that the proposition that I am responsible for being squished by a pane of glass is not literal, it’s metaphorical and as such  I am reminded that I am the  master of my intention and I alone have the privilege of being responsible for my experience, actions and interpretation moment by moment.

Life is not happening to me, it is unfolding for me. I can be a victim of my internal dialogue or a champion for action to realise the life I desire.

Life happens and I choose, moment by moment.

Victim or champion?

Do you have something to share or say about being responsible?

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