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You Are Courageous Already!

From time to time I hear people say something like “I’m not courageous” or “I’m afraid” and so I’m reminded of the phrase that “Courage is the action taken in the presence of fear”.  From the inside looking out I can say that just about everyone else looks more courageous than myself and there are… Read More »

Kick Your “Buts”

It’s not what you think! I’m not advocating kicking “butts”, kicking your own butt or anyone’s butt! I’m talking about a very common language violation. I’ve heard many people say “Don’t use the word “but” because when you use the word “but”, it negates everything that came before it!”.   You know what I’m talking about right? They say, “You did… Read More »

5 Steps to Becoming a Recognized Leader in Your Field

I think there’s articles on 5 steps to just about anywhere.  The stairway to heaven may well be 5 steps! Here’s one from Entrepreneur.  “By showcasing your position as an authority in your field, you will yield yourself more customers and thus more sales” Brian Horn is a best selling author and co-founder of branding firm, Authority Alchemy.… Read More »