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Responsible for what?

I like many have grappled with the notion of being responsible for where I am in my life or who I am in any particular situation. I have been amused by the abstract concept that if I happened to be walking below a high rise building and a sheet of glass fell from the building… Read More »

You Are Courageous Already!

From time to time I hear people say something like “I’m not courageous” or “I’m afraid” and so I’m reminded of the phrase that “Courage is the action taken in the presence of fear”.  From the inside looking out I can say that just about everyone else looks more courageous than myself and there are… Read More »

The Challenge of Being Nobody

In recent times I have experienced being stopped in my transformation and intentions to contribute as a responsible human being, trainer and coach. I stumbled across this quote that resonates and seemingly points to the source of my experience.  It is neither true or false and it is an interpretation that unveils my inauthenticity of… Read More »

My Apology to Crows

Sometimes we have incompletions, lacks of wholeness and completeness, that we carry around impacting our happiness and experience of life. The accumulation of these individual incompletions weighing us down and reducing our capacity to experience love and joy. The more we complete the past the greater our capacity to fill our life with the experience we… Read More »

A disappointment?

” Some people will only like you if you fit into their box. Don’t be afraid to disappoint” – Unknown

A Shared Smile

Give a smile to those who have none to give to you, no one needs a smile more than those who have none to give – Unknown

Your Vision

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dream; who likes inside, awakens” – Carl Jung